Business Plan Process

Step 1.    Discussion:  Where are you in the ACMPR Health Canada Process?

An initial no-cost, discussion of where you or your corporation is in the ACMPR producer’s license application process. We will then discuss what type of business plan you want—for operations, funding, or both, IPO or M&A. Or the business plan required for regulatory compliance for Health Canada’s Office of Medical Cannabis review process.

We also discuss refences of clients we have worked with –across Canada--at various different stages of the Canadian medical marihuana application process.

Step 2.    Written Proposal & Costs

Next, after you have checked our client references we send you a written proposal setting out exactly what fees are paid comprising our fee of $6750.00: a one third retainer, a second payment on the second draft and the third payment on delivery of the final draft. We will also write the Health Canada business plan for regulatory compliance at no charge.  If you only require the Health Canada business plan for the ACMPR application, (not a business plan for operations or funding) our fee is $3250, payable in the same manner.

Step 3.    Meet the Team- Information Analysis

We meet the team, and have an in-depth discussion about where you are in the ACMPR application process, funding requirements, operations, and any information gaps missing that need to be addressed by our Cannabis subject matter experts. We discuss the regulatory compliance issues, marketing plans, share ideas and uncovering any constraints to the business or funding issues coming up with ideas and solutions to remove these constraints.

 Step 4:    Business Plan: First Draft

The first draft of the business plan for the operations or funding of your Medical Cannabis Producer’s License, is in an advanced form and will also include detailed forward pro forma financials for five years. This process takes about two weeks after Step 2.

Step 5:     Business Plan: Second

The second draft, modified according your instructions and additional information—this is now a small step away form the final draft. This process takes about one week before we send you the final draft for approval.

Step 6.    Final Draft

The Final Draft is ready for your reader audience, with detailed interactive EBTIDA pro forma five years forecast.