Cannabis Business Plans

Health Canada also request a cannabis business plan for the Cannabis Commercial producer’s license application to rationalise the applicant’s business models, and its sales and marketing strategy with forward pro forma financials. Numerical quantification of the Marijuana or cannabis markets in Canada are estimated to be a total of over $13 Billion. The recent Dundee report estimates the market at $3 Billion of the Medical Market with the Recreation Market at over $10 Billion. These numbers have been confirmed by the Parliamentary Budget Office analysis. Further confirmation of these market quantification by the Deloitte’s survey using the Colorado data to extrapolate the Canadian Cannabis Recreational Market at $10 Billion. There are further market quantification undertaken by Health Canada which are accurate for the medical marijuana markets with an analysis of use of cannabis for medical purposes with patient numbers and patients.  The purpose of this business plan is to ensure that Health Canada is satisfied with Applicant has a business plan that evidences the company’s ability to comply with Health Canada’s laws and has a high probability of success.

1.  Business Plan for Operations

Our 35 years of finely honed business planning and operations experience, including the medical cannabis industry, will assist your team in:

• Selection of the optimum physical sit for the premises to assist in negotiating the land transaction

• Quantifying the production capacity

• Preparing the business case prior to filing for the Cannabis license

• And assisting in possible initial funding

2.  Business Plan for Funding 

Our 35 years of experience in writing business plans for finance and operations experience, including the Medical Cannabis industry, will assist your team in producing a business plan for funding the third funding gap—building the premises. That is a business plan to help finance the building of the Production Facility in anticipation of the Health Canada pre-production inspection. This will also include the funding of fixtures such as security vault, lights, cannabis extraction technology, machinery and equipment and working capital to fund the final stages of the Licensing Process. Business plans for funding are usually for the raising  between four and thirty million dollars, and can be used as the genesis of the business plan for an IPO or merger and acquisition (“M&A”) at a later date.

3.  Business Plan for Initial Public Offering.

This is the business plan which will assist your security lawyer in addressing such aspects as the share cap table, the risks and opportunities, the company’s long term competitive advantage, and the value proposition investors will buy into. We will work with you, and your security lawyer to ensure your business plan is complies with security laws.