Business Plan For Cannabis Operations

Our 35 years of finely honed business planning and operations experience, including the medical cannabis industry, will assist your team in:

• understanding the proposed operations,

• assist in negotiating the land transaction and,

• filing for the producers license.

Before you file for your Cannabis License you will need to choose the location and size of the physical site for the proposed operations because the site location impacts directly on the security and other critical Health Canada requirements. The Business Plan will help you to not only identify the physical site of the property to match your production requirements but also to assist in the funding of the fixed property lease or purchase.

Also, one of the mainsprings of the application is the require consents from the locale fire department and local law enforcement, not to mention the site cannot be near schools and residential.

It is recommended that have a business plan for operations before file the License application with Health Canada. This gives you the advantage of understanding right from the beginning what your new business will comprise in terms of revenues, costs, and production capacity, this also will help you finance the costs of filing the License application and other associated costs.

In addition, the business plan will help you to:

• Determine where the proposed site will be.

• Negotiate the commercial lease or purchase of fixed property.

• Determine the true extent of the medical marijuana production premises (Floor Plan).

• Accurately calculate medical cannabis production capacity in terms of floor plan (for use in the License Application).

• Identify the medical cannabis growing technologies to be used in a processing License Application.

• Identify the extraction technology to be used.

• Quantify the growing costs of  cannabis per gram.

• Quantify Capital Expenditure Costs.

• Five Year forward pro forma revenues and EBITDA profits and break evens.

• Form your marketing and marketing communication strategy.

• Described Further Cannabis growing Expansion Plans.

• Company Valuation relative to cross section of existing medical Cannabis Licensed Producers.

• Analysis of adult use market and its revenue model.