We can advise on your Extraction Management Plan and Floor plan design to ensure that all equipment meet the Cannabis Act Regulations and coordinate this information in the Cannabis License. 


A list of equipment including growing technologies will be required along with standard operating procedures to prevent cross contamination from the equipment itself, the processing environment and through maintenance, calibration to consistently meet the Good Production Processes to reduce hazards, such as microbial and product cross-contamination.

Standard Operating Procedures “SOPs” as a part of the GMP will require the implementation of an equipment maintenance schedule of who is responsible for the equipment maintenance, with work instructions on how to perform the maintenance and calibration, and where the results of these activities are documented. Equipment purchasing SOP will also be required to ensure that new equipment complies with Good Production Processes.

In addition, also you will also need state of the art extraction and purification technology to produce extracts and tinctures. We can advise and assist in advising what technologies are available, the financing and space requirements.