Cleaning & Sanitation

We can write the Cleaning and Sanitation Program with SOPs to included in the Canadian Cannabis License Application

Cleaning and Sanitation and their Standard Operating Procedures require that all equipment and premises used in growing and production, are cleaned and sanitized. Otherwise, the product will not be a safe product and can not be sold without contravention of Canadian Health Laws. This will result in recalls, production stops, possible consumer legal action for damages, and loss of market reputation.

Proper cleaning and sanitation methods are based on international standards recognized by Health Canada and must be incorporated into other Good Production Practices and their SOPs to prevent cross contamination and contamination by microbial and chemical hazards. Industry standard methods of cleaning will need to be used along with industry standard chemicals and reagents used in the sanitation industry. Cleaning and sanitation form an integral part of personnel training and are included in training materials under Personnel to ensure all employees are empowered with maintaining proper sanitation quality standards.

Cleaning and Sanitation Program

The Cleaning and Sanitation Program will be different for each establishment because each will have different configurations, water supply, equipment, premises staffing etc.  A sanitation program with SOPs should be completed before the Licence to Produce. This program is also defined and explained in the Food Safety and Environmental Regulations, a part of the FDA.