The Cannabis Facility

The Cannabis flower room growing capacity can be made using our Cannabis Business Plan for Operations or in the initial application stage.

We can advise and direct the drafting of a floor plan in conjunction with the Master Grower, the Quality Assurance Person and management. The floor plan underpins the entire application as it demonstrates to Health Canada a floor layout that prevents cross contamination, and is also used by the security experts when they draft the security report.

The amount of flower space and/or extraction/processing will in turn determine the overall extent of the facility and the revenues generated from the facility as well as the capital employed for building the facility or retro fitting an existing cannabis production facility.

After the growing capacity and/or extraction facility has been decided upon also considering the cultivation plan—and the selected growing technology, our subject matter experts that will then design a customised facility that will consider all the different functional areas in addition to the growing areas. For example: the drying rooms. trimming room, extraction and lab areas.  Also, the facility design will prevent cross contamination, both inside the facility, and prevention of external contamination. We also consider future increases in capacity using common resources such as the security vault and oil extraction capacity. We also design the floor plan with a flow diagram to ensure cost effective production flow through the facility, with reduction in biological and employee health and safety risks.

The site location is also an important part of Health Canada’s compliance under the Cannabis Regulations and provincial and municipal laws. For example, a facility built on ASLR land in BC has its own cannabis laws for compliance. After the facility design has been completed we will be able to calculate the power and water requirements so you can search for the ideal physical site that have maximum capacities to meet production targets and labor supply. We will be there to advise you on the constraints and opportunities of each physical site you are considering ensuring that you select the optimum physical site for your cannabis production facility. We will also help you negotiate the lease terms to ensure, if possible, you only make lease payment when you break ground or retrofit an existing building.