Canadian ACMPR Market Analysis

The Canadian Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations (the "ACMPR") market is differentiated into five distinct different market segments by the Canadian regulatory environment, including Supreme Court of Canada, and Federal Court decisions :

1.  the present ACMPR licenced producers who are authorized to sell,

2.  the ACMPR licenced producers who are awaiting their licences to sell, and the licenced producers licenced to import product (and in the future, those that will export), and

3.  the MMAR[1], where it is estimated there are approximately 30,000 existing patients, (this number is very conservative as it does not take into account the excess product grown by these patients which supply dispensaries),[2] and

4.  the new ACMPR regulations which provide for individual patients to grow their own cannabis or to allocate a designated grower on their behalf similar to the repealed MMAR and the patients who are covered under the Federal injunction who have been excepted from the repeal of the MMAR.

5.  the future Adult Use market, forecasted by Health Canada to be introduced with new legislation by spring 2017 although the effective date will be fall 2017 allowing for time before promulgation of the new legislation.

[1] The “old” Medical Marijuana Access Regulations which were repealed on April 1 2014, but have been left in limbo by an injunction issued by the Federal Court of Canada.

[2]Once the Federal Court overturns the Allard injunction of March 21 2014, the 25,000 to 30,000 or more patients covered under in the exception will be required to legally apply under the ACMPR if they want to continue to grow or designate a grow themselves.

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