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ACMPR finance

ACMPR finance

What Kind of Business Plan do you Need?

Business Plan for Financing

We write the initial business plan to help finance the ACMPR application to Health Canada for the producer's license. We ensure that the Business Plan is crafted, and packaged for presentation to investors, to ensure that there is a clear value proposition. The business plans for this purpose are for funding amounts of between $4M and $10M and will take normally three weeks to complete.

Business Plan for Health Canada

This business plan is written to meet Health Canada's requirements for the ACMPR application and is a short version of the business plan for funding. Because of this, the cost of this business is about half the cost of the business plan for funding and takes between 5 and 6 business days at a cost of $2750.00. Also, if you instruct us to write the business plan for finance, we will write the business plan for Health Canada at no additional charge to you.

Financing the ACMPR Producer's License

It is recommended that you write the business plan before you close the service agreement with the MMPR consultant to file the ACMPR application with Health Canada. This gives you the advantage of understanding right from the beginning what your new business will comprise in terms of revenues, costs, and production capacity, This also will help you finance the costs of filing the ACMPR application and other associated costs such as security before the license is granted.

Financing the Building of the Production Facility

We write the initial business plan to help finance the building of the Production Facility in anticipation of the Health Canada pre-production inspection. We will also help you find an architect that specializes in new or retrofit buildings and greenhouses to comply with Health Canada requirements.

ACMPR Project Management

We will manage the entire project after you select parts of the project you want us to manage for you. For example, you may want us to manage the project finance and accounting as amounts are expended on building the premises, We will also recommend the architects, security and agronomy experts to work with in finalizing the project.

The Quality Assurance Person ("QAP").

We will help you find a highly qualified, and experienced QAP to be part of your team. The success and the length of time your license application will take will be dependent on the caliber of the QAP, who must meet the very high standards set by Health Canada in the Canadian FDA.

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