Cannabis Licences



The Cannabis Act read with the Cannabis Regulations after promulgation into law on October 17, 2018 will provide for the sale and distribution of Cannabis and its derivatives, such as Cannabis concentrates for recreational purposes through the provincial outlets such as the liquor board and private dispensaries. The ACMPR historically allowed  for the distribution of Cannabis to patients using Canada Post.

The major difference between medical and recreational is the discombobulation of the supply chain with licenses for each part of the supply chain. Another significant difference is the provision of micro licenses providing opportunity for small business. There is also a constraint on any import or export of cannabis in the adult use market.

Medical producers will continue to have the ability to import and export Cannabis and Cannabis products through a permit system managed by Health Canada.

Licensed Producers for medical purposes will continue to supply patients direct in the medical market segment but will also be able to sell to big pharma through a new license category “drug license” described in the Cannabis Regulations.

Standard Cultivation License

The license would authorise the large scale cannabis growing and harvesting cannabis materials, and for the intra sale of these to other cultivators, processors and a R&D Licensees.

Important to note that there are no limitations on production capacity for this License. A Macro processing Extraction of Cannabis derivatives also be applied for on the same physical site.
Distribution falls under the provincial government jurisdiction for distribution through licensed dispensaries and liquor boards for Recreational purposes..

Micro-Cultivation License

This License authorizes a growing area of 2150 Sq. ft. excluding access area.

This License would authorizes the Micro Licensee to grow indoors, Greenhouse or outdoors. This license would authorize the licensee to sell cannabis materials to other cultivators, processors and Licensees, but as in the standard cultivation, not to the public or provincial licensees.

Nursery License

This License will authorize the small scale nursery in limited to 538 sq foot (50 sq metre), excluding access area..

This License would authorizethe licensee to sell cannabis plant starting materials such as clones and seeds to other cultivators, processors and Licensees.

Standard Processing License

Authorised activities would include manufacturing and processing of cannabis oil, and derivatives. There is no limitation on processing capacity.

A licence for standard processing would also authorize related activities, including possession, transportation, research and development, storage, destruction, and the intra-industry sale of cannabis to other federal licence holders or provincially or territorially-authorized sellers.

Micro-Processing License

This Licence category is limited to 600 kg per annum. The License authorizes the same activities as that of a Standard Processing License but on a smaller scale. 

A Cultivation License is allowed on the same site as the Micro-Processing License, and the 600 kg per annum capacity can be exceeded with this additional License.