Cannabis Fractional CFO Services

Lack of Financial Planning one of the two root causes of business failure in Canadian small to medium enterprises ("SME").  Many SMEs do not have the resources to employ a full time CFO or an expensive management accountant. A fractional (part time) CFO will help you navigate your Cannabis  business through financial storms, now and into the future.

What is a Fractional CFO?

A Fractional CFO is a part time Chief Financial Officer, outsourced as an Independent Contractor (instead of a full time employer). This significantly reduces costs and creates flexibility. At the same time this affords our clients with high level CFO services as and when they need these at an affordable cost. It also provides comfort to potential investors and lenders that the business finances can be managed efficiently and that they have access to quality financial and information information from the business as and when they need it.

Our CFO service agreement is customized so you are in control of the costs based on fractional pricing and maximum hours billed against a small retainer. This methodology corresponds to our fee billing methodology where “you only pay for what you need”.

As an experienced CFO, (Nigel Boast B.Sc., LLB, MBA) with more than 40 years of business and legal experience assists our clients in helping CEO entrepreneurs and business owners plan their business financially and also provide sufficient funding and finance through Growth West's funding networks. We also help solve costly business problems after identifying these with a high level business analysis. This greatly reduces the possibility of business failure and increases profits.

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Fractional CFO Services Defined

The Fractional CFO services include:

  • Financial & Business analysis
  • Strategic Financial Planning
  • Financial modeling & Financial KPIs
  • Forecasting and budgeting
  • Cash flow management
  • Supervision of Management Accounting (vs Tax Accounting)
  • Managing CRA Cannabis License & liabilities
  • Business plans and pitch decks to raise capital
  • Sourcing Capital and Funding
  • Corporate Secretarial Services
  • Presentations for Board meetings
  • Investor relations.

Our experienced CFO working on a part-time basis can serve as a trusted advisor, and mentor to help the business owner(s) to make more effective business decisions to reach success.


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Fractional CFO Services --The Process

 The process begins with a business analysis and an opening interview, which takes approximately an hour to two hours. During this time period, you and the business analyst participate in an in-depth discussion of your financials, the business history, current operations and growth constraints.

Thereafter, a CFO service agreement will be customised so you "only pay of what you need" saving you unnecessary costs. Any work that your bookkeeper or other staff can perform will not be included in the service agreement.

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Successfully manage finances and funding--exponentially increases long term viability and business success.