Cannabis licensing fees

Learn about the costs associated with obtaining your Canadian cannabis license

Learn about our Fees!

We believe in transparency! We want to let you know the costs up-front to using a cannabis consultant in Canada.

We provide a great number of services on top of helping you obtain your cannabis license! To find out which license is right for you, and how our business team can help you grow, connect with us and explain your goals! Our team would be happy to create a custom proposal best suited for you.

Years of Cannabis Experience in the Legal Market, providing the most affordable, competitive  prices in the Cannabis market.

We offer monthly payment plans!

** Excluding disbursements to 3rd parties

Standard-Cultivation License

No limit on growing capacity.

Cost: +/- $35,000

Standard-Processing License

No limit on processing capacity.

Cost: +/- $35,000


Micro-Cultivation License

Limited to 2,150 square feet of canopy space.

Cost: +/- $28,500

Micro-Processing License

Limited to 600 kg of processing per annum.

Cost: +/- $4,000 on top of micro-cultivation license

Nursery License

Authorizes licensee to sell cannabis plant starting materials

Cost: +/- $15,000

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