Cannabis for Medical Purposes under the Cannabis Act

Cannabis Act

The current cannabis law governing marijuana for medical purposes is the Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations (the “ACMPR”).  The Cannabis Act will incorporate the ACMPR to enable patients to:

• Purchase from a federally-licensed producer:

• Cultivate their own cannabis if over the age of 18;

• Designating someone to grow cannabis on their behalf

Consequently, the regulations as a licensed producer for medical purposes under the proposed Cannabis Act will remain unchanged including distribution already described under the ACMPR. The Cannabis Act does not provide that licensees are mutually excluded from obtaining and holding an adult use or recreational license in the future. In other words, those applications that are pending under the ACMPR, or licenses already granted under the ACMPR will have the opportunity to add the adult use license after October 17, 2018.