Cannabis Research Licenses & License for Medical Sale

Learn about the  Cannabis Research License and Tax Credits to pay for this!

About Research License

The Research License is used for developing new cannabis or CBD products or advancing existing products or finding new uses for these.

The Cannabis Act  also provides that both licenses can be held at the same site, although two separate licenses applications will need to be filed on the CTLS.

An amendment to an existing license cannot be made to include a R&D License - it must be separate and also the area where the R&D activities take place has to be demarcated.

However, if the R&D activities take place in a number of sites, i.e. a hospital, or University, then those sites will also have to be identified.  More than one R&D project can be run on the same R&D License although the projects will have to be separately identified.

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About Medical Sales License

An additional federal license to the initial license (Cultivation and/or Processing) is the license for Sale for medical purposes. This license is the only license under  the Cannabis Act & Regulations that  allows the Licensee to sell direct to patients with a doctor's subscription.

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