Packaging, Labelling and Shipping

Packaging, Labeling and Shipping

Approximately 70% of Health Canada recalls in the food and pharmaceutical industry is caused by labeling defects. Also, as a part of the quality assurance report, you will be required to accurate describe the product specifications and compliance with this subdivision. A part of these quality assurance requirements for the finished product, the release, labeling, and shipping of finished product.

The are many labeling requirements to meet under the Cannabis Act Regulations compliance these include: –

• Packaging to meet Health Canada Criteria.

• Product Labelling to Health Canada Criteria

• Storage Conditions, lot identification details

• Health Canada warnings

• Oil other than dosage form

• Quantity of THC

• Quantity of cannabidiol

• Oil in Dosage Form

• Product and Client Labels

• Expiry Date

• Shipping SOPs to meet Health Canada Criteria

• Seeds and Clones