The Cultivators' Sales Solution

Request Approval for a Change to Your Cultivation License

Important Note:  As of April 19 2022, Health Canada will now grant sales licenses to all Micro and Standard Processing Licensees without the need to submit a sales amendment application; (or read our extensive blog post on this matter.)

But There Is a Way To Save Significant Costs!

Obtain a Processing License With a Sales License

We can help you amend your cultivation license to obtain a dual processing and sales license to sell flower to the provincial liquor boards and for direct delivery in BC. We can assist you in finding a QAP and filing the amendment and writing the critical SOPs for the Cannabis Processing License. Please see our extensive blog on this issue.

We can also assist  you in filing the New Product and SKU Registration  with sales contracts with the Provinces. We can also help you with financing for additional operating funds to grow the business.  We can also assist if you require a sales amendment from Health Canada such as  infused pre rolls.

Save on Costs and Increase Profits

On average, 3rd party processing license  fees will cost you a minimum of $1.50 Gm for co-packing flower. That means on an annual harvest of 350kg, this would add $525,000 in costs.

Let us help you obtain a processing license.  You can then sell your flower directly to the Provincial Liquor Boards and save many hundreds of thousands of dollars paid to the third party processors.

After August 15 2022, if you own a std. processing license in BC, and your crop is under 3,000 Kgs per annum, you can sell direct to the BC Cannabis  and Liquor Board.

Obtain a Processing & Sales License Now

We understand that it can be a bit of a confusing process to get you where you need to be. We've helped businesses just like you get there.