The Cultivators' Sales Solution

The Critical Issues On Holding a Cultivation License Only

Important to note that both micro and standard cultivation licenses cannot sell flower to the provincial liquor boards without a processing license - only Cannabis plants (clones) and seeds. (Please see 11. 5. c of the Cannabis Regulations, or read our extensive blog post on this matter.)

But There Is A Way Around This To Save Money

Micro and standard cultivation licenses can only sell their flower to the provincial liquor boards if they have a processing license or sell their product through another LP processing license.

Such a processing license would also require a sales amendment from Health Canada which can only be filed after the grant of the processing license with a new cannabis product registration for that class of Cannabis.

Don't Let This Erode Your Profits

On average, processing 1g of flower will cost you $1 through a 3rd party company with a processing license. That means an annual harvest of even 350kg would add $350,000 in overhead to your business. Instead of dipping into your revenue, let us help you obtain a processing license.

If you do not have a processing license with your cultivation license we help make the transition easy by obtaining a processing license for you, and thereafter a sales amendment and new Cannabis Product Registration with Health Canada.

You can then sell your flower directly to the Provincial Liquor Boards and save many hundreds of thousands of dollars paid to the third party processors.

In Need of a Processing License?

We understand that it can be a bit of a confusing process to get you where you need to be. We've helped businesses just like you get there.