Standard Operating Procedures


The Standard Operating Procedures SOPs require under the Natural Health Guideline on Quality state that these  Good Manufacturing Process “GMP” requirements can be modified or substituted providing that  this are based on GMP, “scientific principles and product history and experience”.

The Good Management Practices is a methodology, which in a simplistic form, is the adherence to written standard operating procedures (“SOPs”) which in turn, set out work instructions for each and every process from seed to sale. Each process or GMP category, such as receiving, premises, recall, sanitation and cleaning, record keeping is a generally referred to as a prerequisite program.

In Canada and internationally, require regulatory compliance of standard operation procedures in all the prerequisite programs. These are recognized and followed in different industries such as food processing, pharmaceutical and agriculture to remove safety hazards and determine if and where a hazard exists.

For example if the specifications for a dried sample of dried marijuana require a range of a THC concentration, and when tested falls outside that limit, this would be called a critical control limit.