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Standard processing license

What a standard processing cannabis license can do for you and how to obtain it!

About the standard processing license

The standard processing license authorized activities would include manufacturing and processing of cannabis oil and derivatives. There is no limitation on processing capacity.

A license for standard processing would also authorize related activities including possession, transportation, research and development, storage, destruction, and the intra-industry sale of cannabis to other federal license holders or provincially or territorially authorized sellers.

How to obtain a standard processing cannabis license

What we need from you

Identify a physical site for the standard cultivation license

Inquire from local and/or provincial government if there are any bylaws or other laws that will prevent cannabis operations under the Cannabis Regulations

Ensure that all senior personnel, such as the Master Grower and Directors, do not have criminal records and can pass security clearance

Identify a Master Grower for the cultivation operations

What we do for you

Drafting the Quality Assurance Report Part 5 (Good Production Practices) of the Cannabis Regulations, as well as declarations by Master Grower and Quality Assurance Person

Deliver our standard floor plan for this license category for use in the application and Quality Assurance and Security Report (premises)

Advice on the  record keeping package with screenshots for use in the license application and for later use when operational

Constructing of the Organizational Chart for outlining the relationships of directors and officers as well as those entitles or individuals that directly control the license

Analysis of corporate information such as articles of association, shareholders and supply agreements and writing the Health Canada’s Key Investors Report defined in the Cannabis Regulations

Constructing the Site Organizational Chart, with the Security audit and security report that describes the security information and security standard operating procedures (20) detailing the security mitigation measures to potential security threats

Assisting the applicant in obtaining personnel security clearances in support of the license application

Formal notifications according to s.7 (1) of the Cannabis Regulations to local government, RCMP, fire department, and local government.

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