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Learn about your Canadian Cannabis experts and how we successfully manage your regulatory, business, or facilitate funding your project

Who we are

Growth West Finance Ltd is a boutique cannabis regulatory compliance and project management consulting firm headed by its President & CEO, Nigel Boast. BSc, LLB, MBA.PMP (Ret'd) The company was incorporated in  British Columbia in 2008 specializing in business analysis used in funding facilitation for start ups, financing growth and operations in the biotechnology industry in Canada. The corporation is also an associate member of the BC Craft Association and recognised as concierge service provider to its members.

In the last ten years the firm has specialized exclusively in the Canadian Cannabis industry specialising in licensing, post licensing regulatory compliance and  More recently business analysis for funding facilitation. We have successfully filed and our clients granted numerous different Cannabis Licenses Canada wide. Our firm has also capitalized on Nigel’s 35 years of writing business plans for funding (bio tech industry and other technologies) and an MBA (including Finance) from the Australian Graduate School of Management, by writing business plans for the Canadian Cannabis industry, one of which helped a client raise $25M using a Growth West business plan.

Nigel is also the President and CEO of Everest Biopharma International Inc.  based in Kelowna

Growth West's procedure to commence a project is with a written proposal settled with our client detailing the deliverables.  This proposal contains provisions for a small retainer and a monthly payment instalment plan. On signature of the proposal and payment of the retainer Growth West will commence the project. In large projects a project plan is developed with the client after a kick off meeting at the proposed site of the premises.

Your Cannabis consulting & funding expert

Cannabis Legal Compliance Canada

Nigel Boast - BS, LLB, MBA, PMP

Hello I'm Nigel Boast and I am the Founder and Principal Canadian cannabis consultant here at Growth West. My qualifications B.Sc, LLB, MBA, LSX, PMP (Retd). My more than a decade of experience in the cannabis market will give you the highest quality service from both me and our subject matter expert associates.

Certified CBD Consultant with Cannabinoid Medicine Studies (US CBD Assoc.)

Certified Extraction Certification with Cannabinoid Medicine Studies (US CBD Assoc.)

Cannabis Legal Compliance Canada

BIO Nigel Boast B.Sc, LLB, MBA, LSX, PMP 

In the last 24 years in Canada worked as a Senior Business Analyst for a US  fortune 100 company,  co founded and managed a Canadian biotechnology company for a decade as CEO and R&D project manager, where he sourced many millions in funding to take a non-existing technology, and launched it into disruptive mobile disinfection technology, applied in critical market segments such as the cruise and health care industry.

Previously he worked as a partner in a commercial law firm, was Managing Director and founder of an international trading company, and also worked directly for the Chairman of Deloitte's Australia, and also Midlands Bank Australia.

He is also certified in HACCP I and HACCP II standard operating procedures and (Good Production Practices) and writing SOPS. The experience gained in  product development in the biotechnology industry, and regulatory compliance  in Health Care, are directly applied to the the Canadian legal Cannabis industry.

Nigel’s unique combination of legal expertise with a post graduate law degree, MBA (finance) BSc and HACCP accreditation with experience in banking and finance, along with his team of subject matter experts in the Canadian Cannabis Industry, will give you the highest quality value for your dollar. Nigel's unique skill set has made him a cannabis licence expert and Cannabis Finance and Funding expert.

Nigel is the designated Project Manager for all our client projects.  As the PM he personally manages all our subject matter experts (SMEs) such as the architect, security of premises, quality assurance person, third party testing lab, electrician and all other SMEs for filing an application with Health Canada. He works closely with our clients to ensure the highest quality customer service.

Your Cannabis Security consulting expert

Cannabis Legal Compliance Canada

Bob Weir

A resident of Ottawa – Mr. Weir is an independent security consultant who has resided in Ottawa for the past 17 years.  His work experience includes 25 years combined service in the RCMP and CSIS where he specialized in planning and execution of Special Operations and Internal Security investigations.  After retiring from the Service, he worked as a security consultant doing international contracts between 1993 and 2004.

Since the legalization of cannabis Mr. Weir has primarily been doing contracts within this industry to ensure clients meet the security standards dictated by Health Canada.  He was responsible in assisting over 40 cannabis operations to obtain their license.

Experts on Led Grow Lighting Technology

Cannabis Legal Compliance Canada

Eco Growtech

Eco Growtech is a Canadian owned and operated company focusing on cutting edge and eco friendly LED grow lighting technology. Our product line consists of lights for all stages of the growing process from seed to harvest which are available for both commercial and residential applications.

As an example, our 640 watt full spectrum LED commercial light will replace a 1000 watt hps fixture and produce higher Photosynthetically Active Radiation (PAR). This 640 watt light will not only draw less power at the wall but will produce approximately 40% less heat, reducing HVAC costs for our clients.

Eco Growtech’s focus is to always stay one step ahead of the fast paced, ever changing, technology driven world we live in and bring the latest and greatest in grow light technology and control systems. Our 10 years of experience in the LED lighting industry gives us the ability to feel confident in our products and our technology.

Experts on Cannabis Manufacturing Software

Elevated Signals

Elevated Signals

Elevated Signals provides cannabis producers with GMP-validated, user-friendly manufacturing software that combines detailed inventory reporting, quality record-keeping and environmental data into a single platform. Its software helps users spend less time battling paper, spreadsheets, and legacy seed-to-sale software by giving them visibility of their entire cannabis manufacturing process - allowing them to be more profitable, efficient and competitive.

Headquartered in Vancouver, BC, Elevated Signals is used by some of the largest cannabis producers in North America, as well as enterprise, mid-size and craft cultivation & processing facilities across the world