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Growth West Finance Ltd is a boutique regulatory compliance and project management consulting firm headed by its President, Nigel Boast. BSc, LLB, MBA, PMP. The company was incorporated according to the laws of British Columbia in 2002 specializing in financing and operations in the biotechnology industry in Canada.


In the last five years the firm has specialised exclusively in the Canadian Cannabis regulatory industry in filing and assisting in the processing of client applications to become licensed producers in the Canadian Legal Cannabis market. The firm has also capitalised on Nigel’s 30 years of writing business plans (bio tech industry and other technologies) and an MBA from the Australian Graduate School of Management, by writing business plans for the Canadian Cannabis industry for the last four years.


The procedure for Growth West to commence a project a written proposal is settled with our client detailing the deliverables (as described below. This proposal contains provisions for a retainer and a monthly payment instalment plan. On signature of the proposal and payment of the retainer Growth West will commence the project described in the proposal. In large projects a project plan is developed with the client after a kick off meeting at the proposed site of the premises.


Nigel B

Nigel Boast - B.sc, LLB, MBA, PMP

Hello I'm Nigel Boast and I am the Founder and Principal Canadian cannabis consultant here at Growth West. My qualifications (B.Sc, LLB, MBA, PMP) and my experience in the cannabis market will give you the highest quality service from me and my subject matter experts.  My Bio details are below - do not hesitate to call me.

Nigel Boast, B.Sc, LLB, MBA, PMP, has worked as a partner in a commercial law firm, for the Chairman of Deloitte's Australia, Midland Bank Australia, and co founded and managed a biotechnology company for a decade as CEO and R&D project manager, after he sourced many millions in funding to take a non-existing technology, and launched it into disruptive a mobile disinfection technology, applied in critical market segments such as the cruise and health care industry.

He is also certified in HACCP I and HACCP II standard operating procedures and (Good Processing Practices) and writing SOPS.

The experience gained in  product development in the biotechnology industry, and regulatory compliance  in Health Care, are directly applied to the Medical Cannabis Industry in Canada in filing for applications for a producer’s license under the Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations (“ACMPR”). More recently in the last number of years, Nigel has focused exclusively on the Canadian legal Cannabis industry.

Nigel’s unique combination of legal expertise with a post graduate law degree, BSc and HACCP accreditation along with his team of subject matter experts in the medical marijuana license process will give you the highest quality value for your dollar. Nigel's unique skill set has made him a cannabis licence expert.

Nigel is the designated Project Manager for all our client projects. He has accreditation with the Project Management Institute in the USA as a Project Management Professional. As the PM he personally manages all our subject matter experts (SMEs) such as the architect, security of premises, quality assurance person, third party testing lab, electrician and all other SMEs for filing an application with Health Canada. He works closely with our clients to ensure the best customer service.


Nigel has written a number of Business Plans with detailed forward looking financial pro-formas. We were impressed with his level of detail and enjoyed working with him. Nigel also has a thorough in depth knowledge of the ACMPR License Application process and has assisted us in this regard. We would certainly highly recommend his services. (ACMPR applicant)


President Farma Developed

Nigel’s qualifications in business, law and sciences, and professionalism along with in depth experience produced a detailed Business Plan which helped us with Financial Planning, Health Canada. I enjoyed working with him






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