Cannabis Business Plans For Funding

Helping You Plan and Fund Your Cannabis Business

A well-defined business plan is incredibly important in funding your start up business and for financing equipment purchase or lease  and  for working capital for operations .

A Business Plan Will Assist in Funding for a Retail License

How to get a Dispensary License in Canada:

Provincial Liquor boards corporations issue private retail cannabis licences for Cannabis product sales into the recreational market.

A business plan will assist in obtaining funding for a retail License.

We have prepared numerous business plans for both regulatory compliance assisting in successful license grant and also for funding.


A Business Plan Will Assist in Funding for a Commercial Cannabis License

Health Canada requires a business plan for the Cannabis Commercial License to rationalize the applicant's business models and its sales.

Quantification of future cannabis markets in Canada, are estimated to be a total of over $13 Billion. The recent Dundee report estimates the market at $3 Billion of the Medical Market with the Recreation Market at over $10 Billion. These numbers have been confirmed by the Parliamentary Budget Office analysis.

Let Our Experts Guide You

We have 30 years of experience in writing business plans and 10 years of writing Cannabis business plans in raising more than $50M in funding. A good solid business plan is one of, if not THE most important steps on your path to licensing. Trust our experts to set you up for successful funding and operations.

Are You Interested In A Business Plan for Funding the Fascility or Operations?

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Cannabis Business Plans for Funding a Cannabis Business.

Our 35 years of finely honed business planning and operations experience, including the medical and recreational cannabis industry, will assist your team in:

  • Assisting in initial funding
  • Selection of the optimum physical site for the premises to assist in negotiating the land transaction
  • Quantifying the production capacity
  • Preparing the business case prior to filing for the cannabis license
  • Funding after receiving the Cannabis license

To begin your cannabis project before filing the Cannabis license you will need to choose the location and size of the physical site for the proposed operations. The site location impacts directly on the security and other critical Health Canada requirements as well as power and water requirements.


Your Cannabis Business Plan gives you the advantage of understanding right from the get-go the revenues, fixed and variable costs, gross margin and profits to plan in advance production capacity. this information will ensure finance for the costs of the build out, equipment purchase and working capital.


Commercial Weed Bud Grown on Plant Under Warehouse Lights

It is recommended that you have a Cannabis business plan before filing the License application with Health Canada and will also will help you finance the costs of the build out and future equipment purchase and other associated post license costs .


Cannabis Business Plans for Funding

Our Cannabis Business Plan will assist you in funding the buildout and working capital. We will help you to execute on the business plan that we develop for you and assist you in finding the funding you need as outlined in your business plan.

This is a Business Plan to help fund the building of the Production Facility in anticipation of the Health Canada license filed. This will also include the funding of fixtures such as security vault, lights, cannabis extraction technology, machinery and equipment and working capital to fund the final stages of the Licensing Process.

We will ensure that the Business Plan for funding the  marijuana operations is crafted, and packaged for presentation to investors, and communicates a clear value proposition that investors or financial lenders will want to buy into your future cannabis business.

What Can You Expect In Your Cannabis Business Plan

  • Draft floor plan for your cannabis operations (for use in the License Application).
  • Determine the capital expenditure for the build out and how to reduce these costs.
  • Accurately calculate cannabis production and/or extraction capacity in terms of floor plan
  • Identify the cannabis growing and/or extraction technologies to be used in the a Health Canada License Application
  • Identify the pre processing and post processing extraction technologies and the HVAC and electrical costs associated with these.
  • Quantify the growing costs of cannabis per gram
  • Analysis of recreational and/or medical markets and their revenue models
  • Five Year forward pro forma revenues and EBITDA profits and break evens
  • Formulate your sales and marketing strategy
  • Described Further Cannabis Capacity Expansion Plans
  • Company Valuation relative to cross section of existing Cannabis Licensed Producers in your license category.

Let's Set You Up For Success

Whether you're looking for an operational plan or a funding plan for your Cannabis Business License, we have the knowledge and experience to help you succeed.