Standard or  Micro Cannabis Processing license

What a standard or micro processing cannabis license can do for you and how to obtain it!

About Cannabis Micro Processing License

The standard processing license authorized activities would include manufacturing and processing of cannabis oil and derivatives. There is no limitation on processing capacity. The Micro processing license is limited to 600 Kgs of bio mass per annum.

A license for standard or micro processing also authorize related activities including possession, transportation,  storage, destruction, and the intra-industry sale of cannabis to other federal license holders or provincially or terrestrially authorized sellers.

Existing License holders can make sales amendments to the processing license for sales of edibles, extracts  topical and other product categories such as for example hash and rosen.

Cannabis 2.0 : Edibles Extracts and Cannabis Tropicals

Health Canada amended schedule 4 to the Cannabis Act on October 17, 2019, to add 3 new classes of cannabis:

  1. Edible cannabis: products containing cannabis that are intended to be consumed in the same manner as food.
  2. Cannabis extracts: products that are produced using extraction processing methods or by synthesizing Phyto-cannabinoids (concentrates and tincture).
  3. Cannabis topical: products that include cannabis as an ingredient and that are intended to be used on external body surfaces).

How to obtain a standard or micro cannabis processing license

What we need from you

Identify a physical site for the standard cultivation license

Inquire from local and/or provincial government if there are any bylaws or other laws that will prevent cannabis operations under the Cannabis Regulations

Ensure that all senior personnel, such as the Quality Assurance Person and Directors, can pass security clearance

What we do for you

We will work with your construction project manager to develop a  floor plan in compliance with Health Canada's requirement and also to significantly reduce building costs and ensure that the internal build out Health Canada compliant.

Drafting the Preventive Control Plan ("PCP") for Part 5 of the Cannabis Regulations for Good Production Practices (GPP) required for submission  in the license application and also critical GPP SOPs.

Advice on Cannabis product selection & product development in anticipation of sales amendments and new cannabis product registrations and closing sales agreements with the provinces.

Advice on the correct Cannabis extraction and processing technologies, lab testing equipment, cost savings and financing of the equipment.

Analysis of corporate information such as articles of association, shareholders and writing the  Key Investors' Report for Health Canada outlining the relationships of directors and officers, and supply agreements as well as those entitles that directly control the license.

Writing up the Site Organizational Plan, with the Security audit and security report that describes the security recommendations  to counter potential security threats with security SOPs (25) for the 5 security themes  mandated by Health Canada.

Advice on the  record keeping service provider package with screenshots for use in the license application and for later use when operational.