Cannabis Business Analysis

Cash flow and funding is oxygen to the Cannabis industry today.  Is  your business financially stressed or do you need growth finance? A Cannabis business analysis will assist you in a financial plan to obtain funding and increase cash flow.

The Cannabis Business Analysis

Our experienced  Senior Business Analyst, Nigel Boast ( B.Sc, LLB, MBA. analysed > 100 companies) will review and analyse historical and current financial data and other information to diagnose problems which have a negative impact on profitability and cash flow.

The Analysis--Some of the Areas Examined.

  • Analysis of Historical &  Current Accounting Information
  • Receivables
  • Supply Agreements
  • Purchasing and Flow Through Agreements
  • Cash Flows
  • Profits
  • Break Even

A business and financial diagnosis  is developed from the  analysis for funding  and business remediation.

We also offer a fractional CFO services at below industry standard costs depending on clients needs to execute and implement the client's financial plan.

We can turn your vision to reality..


Business and Financial Benefits


In  this highly regulated taxed environment, with onerous payments to  Provincial Governments, Cannabis companies often lack critical working capital and sufficient cash flow. This results in financial stress and in some cases business failure.

Many companies are now re-evaluating their funding requirements, seeking new funding and finance rethinking their overall finance strategy. These are the prime reasons that small and medium-size Cannabis Businesses ask  Growth West Finance Ltd.  to assist in finding solutions to these serious problems.

Benefits to the business owner include:

  • Increased profits and positive cash flow
  • Additional funding and working capital
  • Eliminate costly business problems
  • Effect positive change
  • Increased share holder value
  • Define exit strategy

According to Statscan 25% of Canadian Agricultural Startups fail in the first year. Lack of financial planning and general management are two root causes.

Business owners don't plan to fail, they fail to plan.

Use Growth West's Businesss Analysis to Solve Costly Problems and Get Funding

Solving Costly Business Problems and Obtaining Critical Funding is essential to both short term viability and long term business success.

The Business Analysis --The Process

The process begins with an opening interview, which takes approximately an hour. During this time period, you and our Senior Business analyst participate in an in-depth discussion of your business, its history, and your vision for the future business.

Thereafter, we analyse all accounting information, both past and present, and use this information to identify cash flow or capital shortfalls, business  problems to produce a financial plan.

The findings of the analysis is then presented to the business owner within one to two days. This information also assists in funding if this is required. 

Ready to Start your Business Analysis?

Whatever type of funding you are looking for will depend on an initial business analysis to formulate a solid financial plan:  we need this to inform investors and lenders, We have decades of knowledge , experience and qualifications to help get funded.