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Facility Build Out

You have now selected your physical site with an existing building for a retrofit, or in the alternative a new build on vacant land. The business plan will assist you in the fixed property purchase or a lease and also in the case of a shortage of capital a strategy defined by Health Canada as…

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Physical Site Selection

The external build out will take different forms– it could be a prefabricated steel structure, a warehouse, or an existing building. The expensive internal build out will usually depend on the amount of capital expenditure available. For example, the capital required for a micro cultivation license without working capital would be approximately 1 million dollars…

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Health Canada Process

Health Canada Processing Stage  Description of Application Process Stage   The site evidence package submission. After the building is complete and all the requirements met ready for Health Canada inspection the Applicant delivers the site evidence package comprising a video walk through of the premises (without equipment) as well evidence that the security equipment is…

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The Adult Use or Recreational Market

The ACMPR historically allowed for the distribution of Cannabis to patients using Canada Post. The Cannabis Act read with the Cannabis Regulations now promulgated into law on October 17, 2018 will provide for the sale and distribution of Cannabis and its derivatives, such as Cannabis concentrates for recreational purposes through the provincial outlets comprising the…

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Case Study Critical Hot button Issues

medical marijuana producers license

Critical Hot Button Issues and Lessons Learnt: before filing for your application to become a Canadian Licensed producer. Lessons Learnt: before filing for your application to become a Canadian Cannabis Licensed Producer. CASE STUDY #1:   The size of the production facility; SITE LOCATION (required before filing the application). Jack Grey: CEO (An experienced and successful…

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