Cannabis Nursery License

Learn about the lucrative Cannabis Nursery License!

About the Nursery License

This Cannabis License allows for an unrestricted canopy area but subject to the condition that no more than 50 sq. meters canopy can be under flower.  In other words, the applicant can grow under  clones, mother plants and veg without any constraint to the leaf canopy area, but the aggregated canopy with flowers (if you are growing for producing seeds) cannot exceed 50 sq. meters.

The security requirements are considerably reduced as you are not required to have cameras in the growing area.  The applicant can grow outdoors, greenhouse, or indoor.  This is a valuable license  as it can generate large revenues with minimal capital expenditure.

There is a proviso: must destroy the flower heads(with exception of the cannabis seeds), leaves and branches of the plant within 30 days of harvesting them. There is also a maximum of 5kg of flowering heads harvested from the plant with exception of the seeds.


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