Security of the Premises

Canadian Accredited Security Experts

We can help write the Security Management Report with blue print overlay and coordinate the information in the Cannabis Producer's Licence Application for you.

Growth West's Security Checklist

Physical security measure particularly for the standard cultivation and processing licenses are critical for Cannabis License grant. These include:

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    Tactful Access Points

    Design of the site to prevent unauthorized access

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    Security Cameras

    Visual monitoring of the perimeter of the site

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    Thoughtful Layout

    Floorplans carefully planned for maximum security

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    Alarm Systems

    Monitor, detect and report intrusions

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    Security SOPs

    Detailed Security SOPs (Heath Canada's 5 themes) required for operations

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    Automated Recording

    Recording and saving footage of detected occurences

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    Restricted Access

    Measures in place to maintain levels of security clearance

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    Air Filtration

    Systems installed to maintain proper levels of air quality

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With over 25 years of experience and 40+ successful Cannabis Security projects, you can rely on us to provide you with a security blueprint that overlays your Premises' Floor Plan along with a security management report comprising details of the security vault, security equipment, and recording technology.