Post Licensing Services

Simultaneously obtain a Sales Licence with a Processing License

Is your company one of the approx. 350 cannabis cultivators with no Processing Licence? How much do you spend annually on processing fees  paid to processors? Are you aware you do not require to file a Sales  License Amendment for sale of flower (including pre-rolls) if you apply for a processing license amendment?


We also provide general post license services such New Product Registrations, SKU registrations,  and sales amendments for Cannabis products 2.0: extracts, tinctures, edibles.

Services We Provide:


General Licensing Services

Request Approval change to your Cannabis License (Sales Amendments)

Procure a Part time or Full time  Quality Assurance Person (QAP)

Processing and Security SOPs

Export Permitting

Assisting in registering SKUs with the Provinces

HACCP for edibles

Take advantage of this Opportunity to Save Processing Costs.

Example: a Micro cultivation business spends between $300K and $500K  per annum on processing costs!