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Nigel Boast


Certified CBD Consultant with Cannabinoid Medicine Studies
Certified Extraction Certification with Cannabinoid Medicine Studies

Why Trust Growth West?

I have a unusual skill set that is hard to find in one person which includes a Law Degree with a decade of Cannabis regulatory compliance. This gives me a decided advantage when dealing with Government agencies.

I have an undergraduate degree in Biochemistry that gives me an insight into cannabis & CBD science and product development.

I also have a MBA in finance and marketing from the leading Australian Graduate School of Management, UNSW-- gives me a clear understanding of the complex Cannabis and CBD business involved funding in Cannabis start ups and also funding for operations post licensing.

One of my main contributions in Cannabis start ups is savings in capital expenditure during the build out phase for the initial licensee and funding post licensing.

Most of my clients start the process with an Business Plan to assist raising finance. However, I can enter the project at almost any stage and offer a high level advices on finance and legal compliance.

Will always strive for the highest quality customer service with contributions from our  experienced and highly qualified team of subject matter experts, from security, HVAC, sales licenses, and amendments.

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What We Do


There are many different Cannabis licenses each serving a different business purpose. We can advise you on the license that makes the most sense for your finances and the best for your unique situation.

We can help you with a floor plan for efficient product flow and regulatory compliance and also your build out that will save you, in some cases hundreds of thousands of dollars.

We also work with you in drafting the complex Cannabis documentation, evidence package, SOPS and sales licenses post license grant.


Cannabis Funding: Your Cannabis business is more than just a license. From the business plan proposal to the actual design of your Cannabis facility, including our guidance in selecting and financing cannabis equipment. we will cover all aspects of your Cannabis business to make it successful.

Post Licensing Services: There are more than 350 Canadian cultivation license holders without flower processing licenses. These businesses pay a large portion of their profit in processing costs to sell into the recreational market. We can help to secure a processing license with a  QAP to save these wasted costs and substantially increase profits.

Our Company

In the last eight years our firm has specialized exclusively in the Canadian Cannabis regulatory industry in filing and assisting in the processing of client applications to become licensed producers in the Canadian Legal Cannabis market. We have a following of many loyal clients some of which are referenced on our website here.

Our company gives each client personal service from the President and CEO Nigel Boast one on one providing for a consistent high quality service. Our associates are also carefully selected to also provide personalised high quality service.

What Our Clients Say About Us

Tyler Tetrault

Owner / Master Grower at Rocky Mountain Cannabis

In the exciting “Green Rush” that is currently taking place in the cannabis market, there is no shortage of so-called “Professional Consultants” lining up to tell you what you want to hear; & offering their expert experience at up to $100,000 in fees. When I met Nigel from Growth West, it was clear to me that I was speaking with someone with a high degree of professionalism, as well as credentials. Most importantly, I felt like I could trust him. My goal was to be one of the first licenced micro cultivators & we got to work on my file. My application was filed on October 17, 2018, & I received my “COR” on March 27, 2019. I am one of 8 to have received my “COR” & Nigel was instrumental in this accomplishment. I highly recommend Nigel & his team at Growth West, if you are serious about seizing this opportunity.

Jeffrey MacDonald

COO All Things Green

Mr. Boast has been a crucial consultant to ATG throughout the pre and post COR licensing process. He has provided an immense amount of experience to ATG from being a prominent and active consultant in the medical and recreational cannabis industry both in Canada and internationally. Mr. Boast has been hired by ATG on numerous occasions and has fulfilled his deliverables in a timely manner resulting in major breakthroughs throughout ATG’s licensing process. Mr. Boast also has extensive knowledge of cannabis start-ups and current players in the market and is  associated with a key network of individuals who are involved in the cannabis extraction industry.

Ray Hank

President / CEO of Hank Horizon Medical Infusion Ltd.

I would like to start this email by thanking Nigel Boast & Growth West for the great service the consulting company has proved to my company. I researched & spoke with consulting companies that dealt with standard licencing & micro-licencing & decided on Growth West; for half the fees that most companies charge. Growth West also gave me one-on-one personal service & timely & efficient progress; with obtaining my Micro Craft Licence.”

Jeff Thompson

President of Farma Developed

Nigel has written a number of business plans with detailed forward looking financial pro-formas. We were impressed with his level of detail and enjoyed working with him. Nigel also has a thorough in depth knowledge of the ACMPR License Application process and has assisted us in this regard. We would certainly highly recommend his services (ACMPR applicant)

Paul Doyle

Stevensville Medical Marijuana Facility

Nigel's qualifications in business, law and sciences, and professionalism along with in depth experience produced a detailed business plan which helped us with financial planning and Health Canada. I enjoyed working with him.

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