Cannabis Business & Regularity Consulting

Canadian Cannabis business services to help you fund, grow, and turn  your business into a highly profitable concern.


 Capital for build out expenditure ("CAPEX") is scarce in the Start Up Phase.  Build your strategic launch plan to reduce CAPEX  to a minimum. Start with a cannabis startup business plan and funding sources.

Operations commence and now running--important questions to ask. Where are my profits? How do I best leverage the human capital within my firm? How do I increase cash flow? The purpose of the business analysis is to diagnose these problems and recommend solutions.

Plan your Cannabis Business and Finances  and expansion funding requirements. Our experienced part time CFO will help you with a financial plan and other critical services to achieve success.


Expert guidance in securing Cannabis licensing with advice on CAPEX savings and means of expediting the licensing process within the confines of  the Cannabis Regulations. Use our innovative "pay only for what your need" model will save you many thousands of dollars in consulting fees.

Advisory service in dealing with Health Canada audits, SOPs, Health Canada audits queries, sales amendments, SKUs, and other regulatory compliance work. Also use our unique Business analysis models to increase business efficiencies, and provide access to funding and finance through our networks.


Our commercial cannabis facility design team can design your production facility to maximize for efficient production flows to increase revenues and profits for either indoor, greenhouse, outdoor and Cannabis extraction facilities..

Our Canadian federally accredited security agents will design state of the art security systems used in many of the Canadian licensed Cannabis producers.


We can help manage your R&D projects for both cultivation and processing. This allows you to claim SRED federal and Provincial Government funding reimbursements for labor, material and other expenses.  We can also assist you in filing your SRED claim.

Drafting and implementing quality standard operating procedures for commercial cannabis business requires a strong portrayal of your brand's ideology and product's quality.

We also provide general post license services such New Product Registrations, SKU registrations,  and sales amendments for Cannabis products 2.0: extracts, tinctures, edibles.

Thinking of exporting and by passing the liquor board constraints with additional profits and quicker payment? Do you have GACP certification. We can help. We have a partner that will buy your product if GACP certified.

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