Health Canada Process

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Health Canada Processing Stages and Time Lines  Description of Application Process Stages 
Preparation of Application and supporting documentation: ready for CTLS filing. Drafting the License application with accompanying documents including the pre-licensing Quality Assurance Report (QAR) SOPS for equipment cleaning and commissioning, cleaning and sanitization including the Floor Plan layout with inputs from the technical team, architect, security of premises (Vault, cameras and perimeter fence,) site oranizational chart, record keeping software, pest control management plan, and all other documentation ready for the Cannabis Tracking and Licensing System (“CTLS”) filing.
The creation CTLS account with Health Canada by the  Corporation, including key personnel. Registration and application filing with Health Canada’s Tracking and Licensing System (CTLS) to enable the tracking of high level movements of cannabis: also used for filing documents with the application and other documents such as security clearance. Each Officer Director or key personnel described in the Cannabis Regulations will require to file their security clearance through the CTLS.
Application Screening by Health Canada During the screening each section of the application with accompanying documentation submission is assessed in detail to determine if the submission is complete and is sufficient to assess the requirements of the regulations.
Review and Security Clearance by Health Canada The application is then reviewed in more detail to verify that the various application requirements are met. The security clearance process will run concurrently with the review.
Pre-Licensing Approval Process “the Confirmation of Readiness Email” After completing the review stage Health Canada will issue “the Confirmation of Readiness Email” or (CRE”) which is a request a response from the applicant that there is a functioning facility/building at the site address.
Pre-Licensing Approval Process – site evidence package inspection. After the building is complete and all the requirements met ready for Health Canada inspection the Applicant delivers the site evidence package comprising a video walk through of the premises as well as SOPs.
Pre-Licensing Approval Process-on-site-pre-license inspection. Following the review of the site evidence package by Health Canada, an on site inspection by Health Canada’s inspectors will take place.
Issuance of License (in case of Standard and micro processing Licenses The results of the pre-license inspection are reviewed with all the information submitted to Health Canada, and an initial License for authorized activities will be issued.
License to sell – full Producer’s License. After at least one crop with limited capacity is produced, processed and tested to the satisfaction of Health Canada, the Producer’s License will be issued.

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