We have Canadian Accredited Security experts who can help write the Security Management Report with blue print overlay and coordinate this information in the Producer’s License Application for you. 

There are many requirements to meet under the Cannabis Regulations for the premises for compliance with security measures, these include: –

• Design of the site to prevent unauthorized access

• Visual monitoring of the perimeter of the site

• building layout and security

• intrusion monitoring and detection

• monitoring of personnel

• record of detected occurrence

• restricted access

• Air Filtration

All these requirements are detailed in a security blueprint overlaying the Premises Floor Plan along with a security management report comprising details of the security vault, security equipment, and recording technology.

The building will also have to be designed to ensure the prevention of cross contamination as a part of quality control and is required in the Quality Assurance Report “QAR” signed by the Quality Assurance Person. There are many critical standard operating procedures “SOPs” required when building or retrofitting the building for use in the growing operations. There are also SOPs for the daily inspection of premises to ensure compliance with the good production practices.