Export Markets & EU-GMP certification

If  you are searching for a low cost, high quality EU- GMP certification services, and export marketing strategies  to grow your business, there are many export marketing options available through the Growth West export Strategies & Networks.

Export Marketing Strategies

Take advantage of the growing demand for Canadian product. Add a new and valuable revenue stream with high gross margins and become one of the only privately owned EU-GMP facilities in Canada.

GACP & EU-GMP Certifcation

Through our unique and personal relationship with our European principal we can provide a fast and cheaper means of becoming EU-GMP certified as well as GACP certification if required. Our principal has conducted more than 2000 EU-GMP audits including Cannabis.

Use Growth West's International Networks

Formulating a comprehensive Cannabis export marketing strategy essential to both short term and long term business planning along with our certification and export networks.


Incorporating EU-GMP Standards into Cannabis Production for Exports

Throughout the entire cannabis production cycle, GMP guidelines are pivotal for preserving the integrity of cannabis products and explores practical approaches for aligning cultivation, extraction, and manufacturing processes with EU-GMP principles, taking into account the distinctive regulatory frameworks of the export targeted jurisdictions.

EU-GMP Training; Quality Standards: Empowering Your Workforce

Human involvement is at the heart of GMP compliance. This section will underscore the significance of comprehensive employee training, ensuring that every team member comprehends their role in upholding GMP standards and contributing to product excellence.

Securing EU-GMP Quality Control

Quality control forms the cornerstone of EU GMP certification. Stringent quality control measures serve to safeguard product consistency, detect deviations, and guarantee that each production batch meets the highest quality standards, in strict adherence to the regulations for exports.

Please note: There is an overlap between GACP and EU-GMP for the Drying process required in the EU. 

Cannabis Business Financing
Cannabis Business Financing
Cannabis Business Financing

The Pre-Poiject launch

This is starts with a GAP analysis or assessment to determine the extent of the facility retrofit required to meet the facility physical criteria for EU-GMP.

The GAP analysis will  determine the feasibility and the capital expenditure of the retrofit. This analysis is  quick and  conducted at a nominal cost by our EU principal ((who has conducted more than 2000 EU-GMP audits including Cannabis operations) .



EU-GMP & GACP Project Execution

After the  GAP analysis with a positive assessment to move forward with certification a detailed written project proposal is presented to Client setting out the steps and costs.

After acceptance of the proposal: Stage 1 of the project  comprises a full audit of Client's operations and thereafter a formal report with audit findings and several suggestions are then made for improvements for both the GACP and EU-GMP  certifications as both these are run in parallel simultaneously.

Stage 2 is the critical part comprising  the execution of remediation actions recommended by our European GMP Principal.



Third Stage-Certification.

The third and final part of the project is the final checks made by our EU principal and thereafter the GACP & EU-GMP certification.

It is important to note that although the GACP and the EI-GMP certification can take simultaneously: the GACP certification will take place within approx. 3 months and the EU-GMP certification will take place some 5 to 6 months after this.

The main reason why the   EU-GMP process takes longer is that this certification process required stability testing which takes about 5 months.


Lets Set You Up for Exports

Where ever your export target country is we can help you with an export marketing plan and type of certification you are looking for will depend on a solid export marketing plan. We will work with you and develop your export markets with our networks and other resources  to help you succeed.